Monday, June 18, 2012

The Magical God Mode Folder in Windows 7

What is GOD Mode Folder?

God mode is not any special or complicated term in Windows 7. But this is a secret feature of Windows 7 that brings all the actions in an one place. 
You can get all the controls of Windows 7 and make easy to use of the operating system.

God Mode is special type of folder that contains all aspects of Windows 7 in your fingertips. 
In the God Mode you can get the Control Panel functions, interface customization, all the accessibility option. 
You can get all the aspects like Action Center, Administrative tools, Accessibility option, AutoPlay, Color Management, Desktop Gadgets, Device Manager, Devices and Printers and all the other Windows 7 Aspects.

How to enter in the God Mode?

1]- Create a New Folder anywhere in the drive your Windows is installed(You can create a new folder in My Documents or Desktop..anywhere its your wish).

2]- After creating the New Folder, right click on it and rename it to-

3]- You are done, you now have the GODMODE Folder with you. Enjoy all                  your powers!!

PS- It works with all versions of Windows 7, Works with Vista 32 bit as well, though I have heard that Vista 64 bit crashes on attempting this. So 64 Bitters with Vista Beware!


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