Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bing Can Supply Background Images for your Google Homepage

1. The homepage of Bing
bing homepage
2. The homepage of Google
google homepage
Bing puts a new image (sometimes, even a video) on their homepage every day. Google prefers rotating doodles on the homepage but they do offer you an option to add background images manually from the public photo galleries of Picasa.
If you prefer Google for search but like checking out Bing for images, get this Chrome extension. It will automatically set your Google homepage background to the image that’s currently featured on the Bing homepage.
A limitation is that background images on Google occupy the entire screen area and thus the 960×500 pixel Bing images may sometimes appear pixelated.
There’s a similar app in the Android Market, called Bing Live Wallpaper, that will make the Bing image your default live wallpaper on the Android phone. Once you have installed the App, go to Settings –> Display –> Wallpaper and choose “Live Wallpaper” here.

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