Sunday, June 17, 2012

Encyclopaedia Britannica to power Microsoft Bing search

Image Microsoft search engine Bing has signed a deal with Encyclopaedia Britannicato bring richer content to its search results

The tie-up means summaries of topics using data from the Encyclopaedia will be added to some search results. 

Microsoft announced the deal via a blogpost and said when information from Britannica was relevant to a search, Bing users would see a small box summarising salient facts about a topic or subject, the BBC reports. 

At the same time it would also provide links to other sources of reference information such as Wikipedia, Qwiki and Freebase. 

The deal came as Britannica decided to stop producing a print edition in March. 

It is also seen as a response to Google's 'knowledge graph' that consolidates search information about specific subjects.


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