Sunday, January 27, 2013

Facebook new step - Status Comments with a new REPLY button..!

The Social Networking giant Facebook implementing a new feature for its users, this was a really nice initiative by Facebook. Even the users also embarrassed with this feature. In the past for suppose if a person posts some status updates, users usually allowed to comment on their posts, and then the person usually replies to the users comments by tagging their name in his next comment. Here a little confusion may arises for the users to who's comment the person is replied, to avoid this confusion facebook implemented the Reply button to the comments so that the Commentator responds to a single individual comment while replying to his status comments.

Facebook officially started this service on November 2012, but this feature still is in beta version, and implemented only to a limited set of users only.

Here is the Screenshot for that awesome feature..Have a look.!


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