Monday, June 25, 2012

dropbox 1

Download Dropbox 1.0

Dropbox, a hugely popular online storage solution that also helps you keep files across multiple computers in sync, has just hit a milestone. The team has released Dropbox 1.0 for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux – more than two years after the first beta hit the tubes.
Dropbox 1.0 contains numerous bug fixes, performance improvements and should consume less CPU resources than the previous versions.
Among the new features, Dropbox 1.0 includes Selective Sync – you can instruct Dropbox to keep certain file folders in the cloud only and not download them to your computer’s hard drive.
To give you a practical example, let’s say you have a 500 MB file on computer A that you only want to backup online and not sync across computers. You may configure Selective Sync on computer B and that particular file won’t download on the second computer thus saving you plenty of bandwidth.
dropbox sync
The other very useful enhancement is that you may now share even non-public folders on Dropbox with anyone outside. Just right-click on the file in Windows Explorer and choose “Get Shareable Link” to get a secure (https) short link powered by that anyone may use to access that file.
However, you’ll be a bit disappoint to know that the Dropbox team has skipped the most-requested “Watch any Folder” feature in the 1.0 release even though it was in the initial plan as per the Votebox. That means you’ll still have to copy your files to the “My Dropbox” folder for keeping them in sync.
I have been using Dropbox v.0.8.x for some time on Windows and have found it to be pretty stable so far. The 1.0.0 RC is a direct jump from 0.8.x builds.

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